WWE Raw Review March 10th 2014

  • Hogan is an upsetting parody of himself and his spiel is horribly corporate and hollow sounding. Say what you want about TNA, but they used him more imaginatively than this. Before Bray turned up I was actually having a hard time watching this segment. You know, I genuinely thought the Cena / Bray match was already announced for Wrestlemania. Anyway, Cena then proceeds to systematically de-mystify a character which WWE have been building for a year. If you want to know if you’re the target audience for modern WWE, watch this segment.
  • With respect to the Andre Memorial Battle Royal: I have never, ever seen a fun or interesting Battle Royal.
  • 3 filler matches this week.
  • Swagger, Cesaro and Zeb are very funny together. They’re also over, despite being heels whom I’m not sure creative had any great plans for.
  • Undertaker must have such a headache from doing that eye-rolling thing every few minutes.
  • Cody Rhodes does a musclebuster. Samoa Joe sys hi.
  • I just realised the great thing about the Shield is that they’re heels who’re allowed to win clean. There’s not enough of that nowadays. TNA in particular need to realise that heels shouldn’t need to cheat to win *every* match.
  • “The Yes Movement” is an awful, horrible phrase, invented by a genuinely huge and uncaring corporation co-opting a real sentiment of dissent.
  • Gosh, is there a German word for getting what you wanted but feeling weirdly underwhelmed by it? Seriously though, credit to WWE for doing what needed to be done. Congratulations! You’ve just added tens of thousands of ‘Mania buys and Network subscriptions. I don’t think for a minute Bryan will win the title, but by at least offering the possibility they’ve dealt with the elephant in the room.
  • I would have preferred the “Yes Movement” segment if not everybody had been wearing the same T-shirt. It Looked a bit weird. Also there’s this nagging feeling that holding the show hostage until you get what you want is kind of a heel-ish thing to do. I’ve read better and more dramatic ways to have Bryan inserted into the main event on forums. It was a pretty massive announcement which should have drawn an insane pop, but the reception was kind of muted.

Bryan’s very own “Option C” does actually change the complexion of the ‘Mania card quite a lot. Suddenly you have the crowd massively invested in the Bryan / Trips match, which I would argue they weren’t before. Also if Bryan wins, you have a title match which could actually close the show, whereas before it was going to have to be bumped. Plus you have the fun possibility of Bryan losing to Trips and a very shocked, hostile crowd, which would be chaotic, car-crash-TV sort of fun. So actually, this one change really has made the Wrestlemania card a lot more intriguing.


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