TNA Impact Review March 20th 2014

  • Whether you enjoyed this Impact or not probably depends on how you feel about backstage brawls. I’m not a fan. During the EY / Abyss brawl I noticed the crowd trying to force some storyline progression by chanting “Joseph”. Another neat example of the crowd being a little more imaginative than the bookers. As I’ve said before, the Joseph Park angle now feels like a terrible waste of time.
  • Lashley seems fine in the ring. But if he’s a face and a monster, why didn’t he stop Willow attacking EC3?
  • Heel storm continues to be amazing. The attack on Gunner’s dad managed to look quite shocking, and Gunner senior sold like a pro. This feud continues to be the best thing going in TNA right now, narrowly beating Anderson / Shaw.
  • Lady Tapa appears to have bowed out of TNA with what was definitely her best match. I was fond of her despite her flaws, but I guess you only get so many chances to improve. That said, there’s some injustice here given that Velvet is still every bit as bad as the day she signed, and remains employed.
  • Furthermore, there was probably a better way of reuniting the beautiful people than a series of whiny, interminable promos.
  • Willow’s promos on the other hand are extremely cringeworthy, but infinitely more entertaining than vanilla Hardy.
  • Zema’s Selfie with the X title was a great moment, exactly in character for him and his team.
  • I’m glad to see Knux getting another shot. He revealed himself to be a great talker who was extremely easy to relate to. That’s unusual for a pro wrestler, and this was a good promo which began to deepen his character.
  • Bully explains himself again. Slightly better this time.
  • I hope Abyss is going to pick up those tacks he dropped. That’s quite dangerous.
  • The main event was a quick and sloppy title match. I’ve lost patience with the Joe / Magnus title feud. Time to drop it.
  • Where is Aries?


I’m afraid to say I thought this was a fairly boring Impact. It also did a pretty bad rating in the US. The lack of Shaw, Anderson and of course Aries really hurt it. However, the Roode / Bully feud has real potential. Let’s hope this was just an off-week, and the energy and interest will return to the next instalment of these Orlando tapings.


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