TNA Impact Review March 13th 2014

  • Here we are back in Orlando. I’m not fond of the various “Impact Zones”, but this is actually a good crowd. I guess the energy level has been helped by TNA not filming here for quite a while. MVP in particular gets a great reaction.
  • Abyss’ new attire looks a bit tame; like a friendly superhero. I would really have preferred a little more of Joseph Park in this new Abyss. The year long journey into the world of “Park, Park and Park” doesn’t seem to have amounted to much, and that’s a missed opportunity.
  • Zema Ion is typically brilliant this week, and draws great heat as well as being very funny.
  • I like that Senada seems to have a theme taken directly from a Street Fighter II stage.
  • EC3 takes his crowd trolling to new heights tonight and his segment with Spud is gold. “Beautiful, supple young Ethan” indeed. The video package about Dixie is extremely funny, and reminds me of the legendary Aces & Eights funeral. Sometimes I wonder if TNA do these heel authority angles just for the great payoffs. If you think all this is cheesy and campy – you and I like different things about pro wrestling.
  • I think Shaw’s mannequin might be a step too far. Still, he and Anderson continue to be a match made in heaven. Anderson has really shone over the past couple of months.
  • The Beautiful People reunion is another thing the internet have been demanding from TNA for years and will now immediately decry as a terrible idea.
  • Willow: More shrieking please.


There’s fun and momentum to this week’s Impact, despite some very slapdash backstage segments. There was story development up and down the card. A surprisingly strong start to this new set of Orlando tapings.


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