TNA Impact Review March 6th 2014

  • I found out this week why TNA’s ring is so small. Apparently it’s actually the standard North American ring size. WWE use a larger one because they’re flash bastards.
  • Sam Shaw’s new persona has been excellent at doing the little things right, and he continues here with the conspicuous dunking of his tea bag. He and Anderson are gold together. I also appreciate Shaw’s character-consistent choke-based offence. Their first segment is great. I thought there was no need for the later sequence with the lipstick; the feud is already established with viewers.
  • One thing internet commentators never do is recognise when somebody they don’t like genuinely improves. Well, Lady Tapa’s work this week shows improved offence, although her selling is still suspect. Velvet Sky on the other hand continues to be beyond awful in every respect, and I don’t envy Alpha Female having to work with her. Also, this is basically the same Knockouts match from last week.
  • Storm’s heel persona has even worse dress sense than his face conterpart. I wouldn’t have thought that was possible.
  • The Roode / Richards match is typically excellent. There’s great, if basic, psychology at work. In particular I liked Roode’s move sequence leading to the finish, and his context-sensitive choice of crossface as finisher.

I would say the slightly limited roster brought to the UK is wearing thin by this point. I also don’t like it when wrestling shows close with a talking segment. I know it sets up the story for next week, but it feels like an anticlimax. Magnus puts in a good promo, but Joe’s dominance was overplayed, suggesting a little too obviously that we won’t have a new champion at Lockdown.

Life isn’t fair, and despite the creative straightjacket which WWE have booked themselves into, the conflict with the fans is actually making the main event story exciting. TNA on the other hand continues to be booked strongly right down the card, but it’s time for most of these stories to move up a gear. For me this was an average go home show for an enjoyable tour.


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