TNA Impact Review February 27th 2014

  • This is a big arena with a lot of people in it. It adds to the show and makes me wish TNA could be like this every week.
  • Hold on. I’m not Saul Kripke but aren’t “Joe Rules” (No countout / No DQ) exactly the same as “Magnus Rules”?
  • Looks like somebody popped out before the taping and got MVP a better fitting suit.
  • Now, maybe I’m living in the past (in fact, I clearly am living in the past) but a title change at a house show is a nice touch. It’s a good advert for house shows, and it gives a sense of TNA as an organisation beyond its weekly TV.
  • I didn’t like the skipped entrances to this tag match. Entrances are a big part of pro wrestling. I hate it when WWE skip them too.
  • Can’t TNA get a bigger ring? Please? It looks particularly small in a multi-team match and an arena this big. I’ve never actually got to the bottom of why the TNA ring is so small.
  • It’s great that Bobby and Aries still argue about the fluke. TNA’s disturbingly logical booking and characters continue. Should somebody check if they’re okay?
  • As if TNA weren’t already trying to make me happy this week, we have a squash match. The benefits of the odd squash are clear: Getting people over, building bigger matches. I actually think Magnus would benefit from squashing somebody right now, to get it over that the guy actually has a legit moveset and finisher. Bad Bones does some lovely selling here.
  • Being British, I suspect I don’t really feel the significance of Halls Of Fame. Nevertheless, Kurt’s induction isn’t too boring, and includes a nice dig at internet gossip.
  • Alpha Female has great body language. I love the way she lumbers around the ring looking furious. Tapa is still a bit green, unfortunately, and I don’t like to see anybody else using the lame “Big Ending” style finisher. There’s some nice chaos in the match, and it’s impossible not to notice that TNA now have lots of very physically intimidating knockouts. I would have been quite happy if the faces had been squashed here. I don’t think it would have done them any harm in the long term, and it looks kind of ridiculous to have somebody like Tapa selling for Velvet. Intros were skipped again. Bad TNA!
  • Another thing about the Knockouts match is that Sabin played a male valet to Alpha Female. I love this inversion of the traditional roles and I hope TNA stick with it.
  • Taz’s commentary has improved recently. Fair play to the guy.
  • Anderson is the perfect foil for the uptight Shaw. And how well did the two of them sell that choke? I have no idea how they even did that – it briefly looked like a shoot fight. Christy did a first class job of looking realistically outraged, and “Creepy Bastard” is a good chant. Excellent segment.
  • With Aries’ apparent turn, it looks like TNA are going for the world’s first 100% heel roster. Very odd.

TNA continue to deliver a show with good storytelling up and down the card. US Ratings were again disappointing, so I guess they’ve not stumbled on the magic formula to success yet. I really don’t know what to make of TNA’s ratings. Impact wasn’t without its faults: The main event was only average, with a slightly puffed out MVP. In fact all the in-ring action was a bit scattershot this week, and I’m not a fan of skipped wrestler intros. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of potential being slowly built in every part of the show.

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