TNA Impact Review February 20th 2014

  • Little Gunner looks like such a cool teenage wrestling geek. Video packages like this make me all emotional.
  • The great thing about the Bobby Roode tweener turn is that I actually have faith in TNA carrying the angle through. I wouldn’t have had that a year ago.
  • We see a little more of what the Wolves can do. They have some very cool, distinctly indy-ish spots. Davy, grow a beard.
  • The ghost of bush league TNA is briefly raised with “Magnus Rules”. You what? You’ve decided, with no ring announcement at all, that this match will be no disqualification? And you’re vaguely suggesting that this has / might apply to all matches involving your present champion? Or might not? This didn’t need to be no DQ anyway. In fact, it was clearly booked to include the prospect of DQs, because the heels took care to make sure things happened behind ref’s back. Epic, inexplicable booking stupidity. Oh TNA, you break my heart sometimes.
  • Despite that, this is the proper wrestling match Magnus needed. It’s a lovely moment when the Wolves and Storm subvert the predictable heel run in. Gunner kicks out of Magnus’ finisher, and you imagine that maybe, just maybe, the unthinkable might happen. He even kicks out of belt shot a little later for a huge pop. Gunner’s hulking up works, and his brutal, desperate style has a little of Randy Savage about it. A really great main event to add to a long list of excellent TNA TV matches this year.
  • I’m a little worried about Storm’s heel turn. He’s a genuinely over babyface, and TNA have traditionally suffered from a lack of those. It’s a lot easier to turn somebody heel than it is to turn them face. TNA have just lost three of the most over faces in the company, and I’m not sure the math works out.

This was another fun, solid show from TNA. Ratings were down from last week, which puts paid to my theory that the recent increase in quality might be having a positive effect on viewership. It’s a shame, and it proves what a tough spot being number two to a corporate juggernaut like WWE really is. It also carries the prospect that a Gunner title match harmed ratings, and that doesn’t bode well for him. Still, the most we can ask is that the company put out the best product they can. For the moment, despite the odd glitch, 2014 TNA is a huge improvement over the 2013 version.

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