TNA Impact Review February 6th 2014

  • I’m all for starting with action, but this was a weird opening to the show; it wasn’t really clear what was going on as Abyss and Young brawled backstage. Still, the match contained some good old fashioned violence, in particular a brutal tack spot and unexpected table bump. Great fun.
  • MVP’s onscreen graphic must be the worst photo of him ever taken.
  • The other great thing about MVP is that he explained himself and his investor role in a way which made perfect sense. TNA *never* used to do this.
  • Ultra dark Bully, for me, discards what was good about his old heel character. Remember Calfzilla?
  • I really enjoyed Zema’s X-title cash in, and it was a genuine surprise. However, the match was too short. In fact all the Glasgow matches have been too short. Angle vs Magnus had the same problem. I know his character is a paper champion, but jeesh.
  • I like that it’s acknowledged that Christie actually watches the show. I enjoy Samuel Shaw’s American Psycho gimmick, but I hope that eventually they give him something more imaginative to do than stalk Hemme.
  • Sabin’s fake proposal was an improvement of this angle in the sense that it wasn’t uncomfortably sleazy. But it did come across as if written by a 12 year old boy.
  • The Roode / Joe match wasn’t as great as you’d expect, but at least it had a clean finish, and pushing Joe is the right thing to do. The match was not helped by again being too short, and the commentary team almost completely ignoring it.
  • I don’t know why we’re ending with Dixie. The crowd are visibly leaving. I concede: This is indeed proper “go away” heat. At least MVP’s promo picked things up. A borderline shoot; this guy just kills on the mic. I had no idea he was so charismatic. He’s a revelation.

Overall, I thought this was a decent enough show, spoiled somewhat by conspicuously short matches. It’s worth noting that Impact’s US TV ratings continue to climb. I personally hope they don’t start thinking that having shorter matches will improve ratings, even if it’s true.

I also notice not a word has been said about Impact’s ratings boost in the press. If TNA’s audience had declined 30%, I get the feeling we’d have heard about it. And much as I would love to read PWTorch, it’s so covered in browser hijack ads that I actually physically can’t.

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