WWE Raw Review February 3rd 2014

  • Hey Aksana, or whatever you’re called, don’t legit knee my girl Naomi in the face please.
  • The possibility of Trips and Steph adopting Bryan as the face of the WWE raises a few intriguing questions. Would Bryan’s character be satisfied with becoming the corporate-endorsed face of the company? Or does he demand victory on his own terms? This could become a story about the nature of heroism and rebellion. Or it could just end with the crowd booing through the majority of the ‘Mania card. There’s a lot of money on the table, if the company want to take it.
  • You know, I have a theory about the “Internet Wrestling Community” (ugh). Are we absolutely sure it isn’t just everybody? It’s certainly not a minority of people chanting for Daniel Bryan. And tonight, those Punk chants. Those are pretty damn loud, aren’t they?
  • A complete lack of US title defences, combined with Ambrose pinning Biggie this week, tells me that unification for the IC and US titles is at least being considered. Personally, I think the roster can support three singles titles, but I’m interested in a higher-status IC title filling the spot left by the World Title.
  • I’m more interested in Bad News Barrett when he incorporates an element of existential angst. “I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news: Everything dies and existence is ultimately meaningless” would be my ideal segment. He’s actually gone quite close to that on Smackdown, but the scripts chosen for Raw have been pretty tame. Also: where can a feud with King possibly go?
  • I couldn’t have any less interest in a face Christian, and his match this week with Swagger was marred by timing errors. Another (unwise) prediction: Swagger turns, making Cesareo and Zeb faces in the process.
  • New segment idea: What Is Batista Wearing? This week: Double Denim.
  • On the other hand, Del Rio can really rock a coat.
  • I’m a Rhodes / New Age Outlaws convert. I was completely wrong about the Outlaws – they’re masters of old school storytelling. I’m not sure why Dogg failed to catch Cody’s moonsault, but I hope he’s okay, and that this isn’t the end of this feud.
  • Disgruntled Miz? Get a haircut and we’ll talk.
  • I like Titus O’Neal, but I think he’s a natural face. In particular, his “Here comes Godzilla .. no wait, it’s a generic heel gangsta” music is not doing it for me.
  • No more dance offs. Ever, ever again. I hoped both contestants would spontaneously combust. “Summer Rae” in particular continues to be unwatchably awful. I suspect she’s partly responsible for zapping Fandango’s once considerable over-ness.
  • I’m not sure I’m ever going to become a true Seamus fan. His style is just too brawley for me. He does, however, come across as a thoroughly nice guy.
  • I think this week’s main event has actually been under-appreciated. It was one of the best matches I’ve seen on Raw in months. In particular, Bryan and Orton showed the world how you do a convincing turnbuckle tussle.

Overall, this was a solid Raw with an excellent main event. There are still a lot of talented lonely souls haunting the midcard with little direction. With Kane’s attack on Bryan, I think it’s safe to assume he’s been transplanted wholesale into Punk’s planned angle. It remains to be seen if the fans will accept anything less than a title match for him, come Wrestlemania.

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