TNA Impact Review January 30th 2014


Seven thoughts:

  • Tonight’s Impact, sadly, was a great example of why some internet commentators continue to treat the promotion as a long running joke. You only had to watch the endless opening promo to realise there may not be anyone steering the creative ship. A huge crowd baying for wrestling, and TNA choose to put them to sleep talking. So much talking.
  • Four tag matches? Opening night of the biggest tour of the year and your wrestling content is four short and inconsequential tag matches?
  • Hi, I’m an armchair booker and I’ve fixed your main event: Whoever is pinned leaves TNA. Not both of them – that’s ridiculous. Are we really supposed to believe that both Angle and Joe are going to leave TNA tonight? Angle leaving is entirely plausible (to the non-internet fan) given what happened to Sting and Styles. So have Dixie set up run-ins all night in an attempt to dispose of him like she did the other top faces. Have Angle be the first to survive the treatment, saved by Joe. But both of them end their careers tonight? Not going to happen.
  • I never thought I’d be pleased to see Velvet Sky wrestle. She has huge potential, but has never improved in the ring. However, given the awful, sexist, sleazy angle she’s just emerged from it was a comparative relief to see her wrestling again.
  • I don’t envy the team tasked with getting Gunner over; the internet’s favourite TNA whipping boy. But this promo did a great job of explaining who he is and why fans might choose to care. It followed the golden rule of creating a wrestling persona which is an extension of the real performer.
  • I’m not pleased to see the arrival of more former WWE talent. Signings like MVP perpetuate the idea of TNA as a retirement home for guys cast aside by Stamford. That said, how good is his TNA entrance and theme? Top marks there.

Overall, this was one of the worst Impacts for quite some time. The fact it’s not been widely called out as such goes to show how a large, enthusiastic crowd can hide a multitude of sins. Of course, Glasgow was treated to next week’s taping as well, so we’ll have to see if they finally got to watch a singles match. The US TV rating remained solid, and it’ll be interesting to see if MVP can provide a bump next week.

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