TNA Impact “Genesis” (part 2) Review January 23rd 2014


Nine New Investors:

  • There is one production detail wrestling promoters have been grappling with for a generation: The correct “British Guy” entrance music. It seems an intractable problem, responsible for (among other horrors) Steven Regal’s “Erotic James Bond” theme. But you know, I think with Spud’s new music TNA have finally cracked it. It starts out gaudy and triumphant like Blackpool South Pier, and ends up wistful and sweeping somewhere on the North shore. It’s at once absurd and elegant, like Britiain, like pro wrestling. It’s a masterpiece.
  • Actually, while we’re on this, fix Magnus’ entrance. I mean, what even is that?
  • The door. The fucking cage door. Who was the dimwit who suggested: “Hey, you know cage matches, what if you could win by just walking out of the door?”. Everybody laughed, of course, but here we are in 2014, still living with pro wrestling cage matches where you can win by WALKING OUT OF THE DOOR. If I have to watch one more wrestler take a full minute to crawl down the ring steps, I’m going to be really annoyed.
  • For me, Kurt’s cage moonsault has become a symbol of his love for the business, not to mention his hardcore badassery. The internet reaction to this match has annoyed me. “TNA shouldn’t let Kurt do this”? He’s a grown man. If WWE gave this match away on free TV you’d be creraming yourselves. Jerks.
  • Joe is getting a nice push here. I hope it continues.
  • I like Gunner. I know it’s weird. I like how he looks and wrestles like an angry hobo. But even I have to admit his match with Storm this week was flat. Too much awkward work on the turnbuckles. However, I loved the section after the briefcase came off the pole. We could have done with more of that; it’s a clever stipulation with loads of possibilities. A run-in maybe? The briefcase and competitors going for a little tour of the building? Could be great.
  • Beautiful ringwork with Aries / Sabin, as you’d expect. I don’t know why Aries is being kept away from the main event story; I could watch the guy wrestle all night. There’s just something about the Velvet / Sabin / Aries angle which irks me. Somebody needs to sit down and decide what Velvet’s character is supposed to be. Why does she stay with Sabin, but betray him? Why are we supposed to like Aries in this? At the moment the whole thing just has a sleazy vibe.
  • I wasn’t crazy about the Sting match. It was fun, but it was too similar and too soon since the AJ match. Also, again Magnus has failed to do any wrestling which made me think of him as a world champion.
  • There were lots of (in pro wrestling terms) well acted backstage segments tonight. I’m increasingly finding these much more entertaining and watchable than the in-ring promos. The Aces & Eights funeral was among the funniest few minutes of wrestling TV I’ve ever seen. Now, I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but you may also know that Impact’s ratings have started to rise recently. Wouldn’t it be weird if what TNA really needed to do to grow, rather than spending money hiring stars from the past, was just let their existing talent regularly talk on TV in a naturalistic way?

Again, a solid show from TNA which furthers their recent determination to book logically. For me, The Kurt / Roode match lifts the second part of “Genesis” above the first. It’s worth noting that this show arrives in the face of unrelenting internet doom-mongering about the company, and they’ve responded with a rise in US TV ratings and the best TV special since last year’s “No Surrender”. With the UK tour next week, TNA are in a great position to put some momentum into their slimmed-down product.

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