TNA Impact “Genesis” Review January 16th 2014


Nine “Roode Bombs”:

  •  Noticeably larger ringside area this week, giving the talent more space to work. Can one dare to hope that the disability ramp is gone for good?
  • Say what you want about Dixie and Spud; they draw nuclear heat. Spud’s opening promo was vintage heel work of the first degree.
  •  Impact still benefits from being outside Universal Studios. The Huntsville crowd were loud and involved, and it added a lot to the show.
  •  TNA can book a fun 12 man tag. Joe looked like a beast, as he should. And that’s the first time in a while we’ve seen a Knockout pull a proper big move on a male wrestler, which is exciting and adds to the credibility of the KO division. More of this, please.
  •  Sing’s mic work was gold all night. Angry, passionate and sending the crowd wild. Are we stuck with the t-shirt? I guess we’re stuck with the t-shirt.
  • You know what I really miss? Putting a little ident on the screen when a wrestler wins a championship. You know, just a little graphic under a shot of Rayne with the title, saying: “New Knockout’s Champion: Madison Rayne”. It’s a small thing, but small things matter.
  • Some slightly rusty ringwork in the Anderson / Bully match. Other than that it was a good hardcore outing which furthered their feud. It’s still great to see a rare piledriver on TV; very few moves look as devastating. It would have been nice to see Anderson really set the table on fire. Nothing like a bit of fire for the highlight reel.
  • I’m not a fan of seeing Aries talk about pigeons, and I don’t find a supposed face trying to undermine another guy’s relationship very sympathetic. And this from a guy who already has a hard time coming across as likeable. It’s also a great shame that the X division currently seems to consist of two guys. This angle would benefit from Aries or Sabin fighting somebody new – maybe just somebody on a single appearance contract – to get them over a little more as the supposed elite of X div wrestlers.
  • Magnus is already walking and talking like a champ, and he deserves credit for that. They say the best wrestling personas are a vanity-free extension of a performer’s own personality, and he works well as the slightly entitled, somewhat insecure heel. His face persona was perhaps prone to being a little whiny. Of course, he hasn’t earned the championship by a long shot, and TNA have the good sense to write that into the character. It’s important that we see him put in a good shift in the ring fairly soon. Even a paper champion needs to be able to go when required.  It remains to be seen whether Magnus is able to elevate himself on the mat in the same way he has on the mike. I confess the only ring work of his I’ve enjoyed was his (brilliant) run teaming with Joe.

Overall, this was firmly in the ‘pretty good’ category. In particular, it was great to get out of Universal and back on the road again. Having the commentary position by the ring is another of the little things which make me happy. Most of all – the show made perfect sense. There were references to past events like Sting’s World Title ban, everyone behaved in a way consistent to their characters and everything built to a logical conclusion. This is something you didn’t expect with TNA a few years ago. If TNA’s future is to be a sensible, coherent show with a roster of younger (cheap!) guys, there’s reason to be optimistic.

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